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Discourse v1.2


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Clicking "Help" in the search box reveals an exhaustive glossary of search filters.

So you'd like to automatically back up all your Discourse data every day? Go to the `/admin` settings, backup, and turn on the `backup daily` option. Backups are always saved on the local server disk by default.
If you want to also automatically upload your backups to Amazon S3, check `enable s3 backups`. You'll need to create a unique private S3 bucket name in `s3 backup bucket` to store your backups. Next, set your S3 credentials under the Files section: `s3 access key id`, `s3 secret access key`, and `s3 region`. Backups are always stored on local server disk. Go to the **Backups** tab in the admin dashboard to browse your local server backups -- you can download them any time to do a manual offsite backup. If you've enabled S3 backups, check your S3 bucket to find the uploaded backup files: Note that you can also enable an [automatic move to Glacier bucket lifecycle rule ]( to keep your S3 backup costs low.

Feature Focus of version 1.3 - Antiphon:

1. Polls

2. Anonymous

3. Post Approval

4. Civilized Mute

5. Desktop Notifications